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tax consultancyWe founded our bookkeeper office in 2004 in Budapest after gaining ten years of experience in the field of international and Hungarian accountancy, bookkeeping and payroll. Our goal was to provide high level accounting and labour services foreign investors, groups in Hungary based on our professional skills and knowledge of operating international and Hungarian enterprises, thus ensuring an effective solid base for business decision-making of our clients.

Why Perscriptor Bookkeeper Office Budapest is the right solution?

The competition between the accountancy offices is frequently impacting the service quality. We are providing the highest level of professional services to our clients since foundation. Based on that Perscriptor Bookkeeper Office is such a:

  • accountancy office, where bookkeeping is of outstanding high level
  • accountancy office, which has central location in Budapest
  • accountancy office, where providing information on accounting and tax laws is permanent
  • accountancy office, where the accountant pays attention to key figures of the books
  • accountancy office, where the accountant think with your mind
  • accountancy office, where bookkeeping can be maintained in foreign currency
  • accountancy office, where bookkeeping and payroll service prices are fair
  • accountancy office, where declarations and reports are completed in due time
  • accountancy office, where unique reports are completed on demand, even in English or in German
  • accountancy office, which holds professional and financial responsibility for bookkeeping
  • accountancy office, which provides bookkeeping services on-site by allocating a dedicated colleague
  • accountancy office, which has a professional liability insurance of bookkeepers for the security of the clients

Accountancy Office in Hungary for smaller and larger enterprises

Perscriptor Bookkeeper Office Budapest pays attention to each client, irrespective of dealing with a few invoices per month of a domestic entrepreneur or hundreds of items of larger companies. While adhering to tax and accountancy laws we consider the unique specialities of bookkeeping in case of each enterprise. We create the accounting policy and billing framework and the procedures of bookkeeping and payroll with a view of providing clear and utilizable information to our clients.

Accountancy with an eye of a manager

Our accountancy office provides information on the book-based economic situation of the client at the end of each bookkeeping period, usually on a monthly basis, but at least quarterly. We inform the client on the results, on demand splitting by activities or site locations. We highlight the expected tax obligations (VAT, corporate tax, business tax, other taxes) and giving recommendations on potential management changes. During the information sessions we cross-check the bookkeeping data, the volume and value of fixed assets, receivables (buyers), financial assets and obligations, and answering questions related to accounting and payroll.


Taxation 2014.

18. Oct. 2013.

The Hungarian goverment announced the expected modifications in the Hungarian tax system. In the latest years many regulations have been changed from year to year, but for 2014 almost nothing will change. The tax base discount which could only be applied in the personal income tax until 2013, will be able to be applied in the contributions as well in the personal income tax base can't cover the total.


Phone PBX has been installed in the Accountancy office

16. Oct. 2013.

To be able to provide better services to our clients and work more efficiently we have installed a professional phone call PBX. From now on our partners can reach the accountants, the payroll manager on their own extensions. Installing this development you can use the new +36-1-219-0992 phone number next to the well known +36-1-219-0991.